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Human Resources

The MHS Human Resources (HR) Department promotes the interests of the Company through developing a happy, productive work environment for its employees. With an interests-based approach, the MHS HR Department deals with every facet of our employees’ employment experience. Whether an employee has questions about wages, hours,  benefits or other terms and conditions of employment, the HR Department will handle it. Although centralized in our corporate offices in Chicago, the HR Department personnel routinely visits our sites and delivers in-service presentations to employees. 

While some think of Human Resources as simply an employee benefits department, MHS provides much more. With a seat at the table, the HR Department gives a strategic vision to various decisions by weighing the impact of policy on our greatest resource: our people. The HR Department oversees the areas of payroll; compensation and benefits; recruitment and retention; employee relations; legal compliance (within employment); performance and talent management; training and organizational development. The HR Department is dedicated to providing professional growth and development to our current managers as well as identifying those that have the potential to move into positions of greater responsibilities within the company. This enables us to have the best staff so we may provide our clients and patients with the most effective and efficient service. The HR Department is led by seasoned professionals who understand the make-up and psychology of organizations and their employees.